Piercing's Now Available!

Piercings Now Available at Trilogy!


Eye brow  hip  nose cartlidge  hand  finger tongue tragus  septum  neck   industrial  face  heel  surface piercings these are just a few for you to see and many more available

genetalia piercings also available

All piercings are carried out in a private and separate area from the rest of the salon

ALL piercings are priced for affordability this is the peoples piercing where we look after not just you but your pocket aswell.

Piercings are performed by a well trained professional with nothing but your safety and satisfaction in mind.

All customers have to sign a declaration of safety in order for us to be able to pierce, this is a legal requirement. All piercings are performed to the highest level and quality of standard.

Acceptable Identification and age acceptance

If you are 18 and over and would like to get a piercing at trilogy then we do not  require you to bring your I.D .

If you are under the age of 18 you will need your parent with you to sign the consent form

If you have any enquires or want to book an appointment with our specialists then please call the salon on 0118 958 5277.